Guillaume Besson

Freelance Full Stack Web Developer


Your project doesn't end with its code, let's see farther.

I bring you consistency between every technical components of your project to build a product meeting your expectations and those of your users.


Current Web Applications needs a powerful internal structure.

The Back-end is the foundation of your application, web or mobile, and needs to be developed with great care. It's this substantive work that will simplify subsequent developments.

Specialized in Node.js, I build optimized and powerful API. The latest standards of compatibility and security are always respected. These ones are conceived to simplify your product development on mobile and on the Web.


One-Page Application are recognized as the best way to provide a smooth user experience. It combines the responsiveness of classic software and the power of the Web.

Being accessible directly from the Web, the Front-End is the public face of your product and problematics around it are multiple and complex.

Angular.js is one of the best ways to meet these goals. Logically, I turned to this Framework. No details will be neglected, both security, design, compatibility, UX and SEO.


By taking advantage of Javascript power, Node.js is the perfect platform to build data-intensive real-time applications

A very big community is gathered around Node.js. I perform a permanent technical survey to build Back-Ends in respect of the best practices and with the best tools available.

With Express.js and MongoDB, I conceive modular, optimized and scalable Back-Ends.


Angular.js is a new generation Web Framework conceived by Google. By putting in light a new way to build Web Applications, it gathers a great community, bigger every day.

Having worked with a number of similar Framework Angular.js has proved to be a lasting and powerful tool, allowing a very fast development cycle. For this reasons, I use it in a majority of me projects.

I build Applications that conform to the best practices in the field. Optimized, clean and documented, they simplify subsequent iterations.

My purpose is to bring your ideas to life


I was born in 1995 in Lyon, France. Quickly, I was attracted by technology and science. Ultimately, the Web and its dynamic most passionate me.

I studied at EPITECH. By passion, I'm a self-educated Web developer.

Entrepreneurship, science and graphics are also areas that interest me and I do a continuous survey on all these subjects.


Whether you want to start a project quickly or improve an existing one, I offer my services in Angular.js and Node.js.

Always with agile methods, we see together all the states of the development as your project progresses.

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